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Sydney Family Photography

Sydney Family Photography

I've known this lovely mum since she was pregnant with her little boy and started coming to my prenatal yoga classes. Both of our pregnancies overlapped and I always loved chatting with her about all things pregnancy, birth, and babies. 

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Sydney Yoga Photographer: Filter Free Yoga

When my friend Stella emailed me to tell me about her new project, Filter Free Yoga, I was immediately excited. Their mission is simple: Inspiration - not intimidation. Honest stories behind the perfectly imperfect humans who practice yoga. Real #filterfree kinda vibes. 

To launch the instagram page, Stella and her Filter Free partner organised a yin yoga class with a small group of students. While they practised, I tiptoed around the room taking photos and capturing authentic moments as they happened.

Be sure to check out @filterfreeyoga to read some wonderfully honest and inspiring stories. P.s. I'll be featured there soon with my own story!

Sydney Yoga Photograher: Jan

In the weeks before leaving Sydney, I managed to squeeze in a handful of yoga sessions. It was a busy couple of weeks but so much fun to work with so many amazing yogis. Jan is one of them; he's an inspiring yoga teacher and nutritionist working all over Sydney. You can find out more about him here.

Sydney Yoga Photographer: Kate

Kate is a fellow North American yoga teacher here in Sydney, as well as a gifted painter. She had so many great ideas for our session, and our 2 hours together flew by. These are just some of my favourites!

Sydney Yoga Photographer: Sarah Owen

This is Sarah Owen, an amazing yoga teacher who specialises in yin yoga. She was needing a couple of photos for an article in Australia Yoga Journal, so we met up after I taught my weekly class and did this super quick shoot. The photo is in the July issue of Australian Yoga Journal, if you'd like to check it out :)

Sydney Mother Daughter Photographer: Neesha + Oribi

Remember my friend Neesha? Well she and I had our baby girls 2 weeks apart. Neesha knew that she was having a girl, but my pregnancy was a gender surprise, so we were pretty excited when I had a baby girl as well! I think we're going to force Oribi and Hazel to be besties, ha. 

So anyway, we've been wanting to go back to the location of Neesha's maternity shoot to take mother daughter photos, and last month, it finally happened. I'm so pleased with how these photos turned out. From Neesha's gorgeous styling, to Oribi's adorable pout to the look of love between the two of them... Just so precious. 

Sydney Yoga Photographer: Yasu

Most of the time, my clients find me via word of mouth but Yasu found me via a google search, which is pretty darn cool. The magic of the internet never ceases to amaze me.

Anyhow... Yasu is a school teacher AND a yoga teacher. She's also an avid world traveler and was giving me a serious case of wanderlust with the tales of all of the places she's been. She has just started teaching classes in Japanese, so if you're looking for a Japanese yoga class, she's your teacher! You can find her website here


I was absolutely thrilled to wake up to an email from DOYOUYOGA letting me know that I was featured in an article titled '10 Absolutely Amazing Yoga Photographers.' What an honour!

I did my first yoga class when I was 15, which means that I've been practising (with varying levels of commitment) for half my life. And I have ALWAYS been the-girl-with-a-camera. Yoga and photography truly are my passions, and combining the two... Well that's been an unexpected twist that I am so grateful for. 

Sydney Yoga Photographer: Modo Yoga

Late last year I got an email from a fellow yoga teacher; she was opening up a new yoga studio and needed photos for their website. I think it was the last shoot I did before going on maternity leave, and I'm so glad I squeezed it in. These guys are just awesome. It turned out that their team was 75% Canadian, so it was nice to hang out and chat with people who sound like me :)

They were opening the very next day, and it looked amazing. There was obviously so much love and hard work being poured into their studio, not to mention excitement! You can find more details about Modo Yoga Sydney here

sydney portrait photographer: emily

I first met Emily through yoga world many years ago so I was excited when she got in touch to get some headshots done. Emily is an awesome yoga and meditation teacher with a website that you can find here. She was also recently interviewed on the Slow Home podcast about her daily meditation practise. It's a great listen :)

Emily and I did a mini session (hence the smaller number of photos), which is a great option for anyone needing just a handful of new photographs.  Perfect for yoga teachers and other natural health practitioners. If you're interested in booking a mini session, shoot me an email at gabrielafearn@gmail.com

sydney yoga photographer: philippa

I'm finally getting around to catching up on blogging my latest shoots, and today I bring you, another yoga session! What can I say? I just love yoga photography. These photos were taken early on a winter morning at the beach. It was freezing but Philippa did such a good job of modelling that you can't even tell how cold it was. If you'd like to find out more about Philippa, you can find her website here. 

sydney yoga photographer: vicky

As you can tell, I've been working with lots of yoga teachers and natural health practitioners lately, which I absolutely love. Apart from photography, yoga is my other great passion and it's a privilege for me to spend time with so many inspiring yogis like Vicky. She's a yoga teacher who recently completed her studies to become a yoga therapist, and was needing photos for her soon to launch website. You can find her on Facebook here, and her website is here

sydney portrait photographer: beth

Last month I met Beth, a Sydney based naturopath, to take some photos for her business. We started at one of my favourite Sydney spots: Balmoral Beach. It was a beautiful morning, and while I snapped away we got to know each other. Beth is passionate about women's health and wellness, and she has a great website where you can learn more here.


sydney portrait photographer: clare

A little while back, Clare and I got together early in the morning to take some photos for her business. Our mutual friend Stella introduced us, and we did a couple of shoots over a few weeks. Clare is a Sydney based kinesiologist (check out her website here), who also runs amazing workshops. She brought so many fun props to our shoot, and I had a blast hanging out with her.

As a yoga teacher myself, I know how important it is for those of us who work in the health and wellness industries to have nice photos, not only for our websites, but for social media as well. I love doing sessions like this, and if you're a yoga teacher, kinesiologist, naturopath, acupuncturist, doula (etc.) who needs photos, send me an email at gabrielafearn@gmail.com. I'd love to chat more!

sydney portrait photographer: stella

Back in May I got to photograph Stella, who wanted some photos for her business. We were going for a cosy, wintery vibe and I love how these turned out. It had been unseasonably warm here, but we met early in the morning when it was cold enough to wear scarves and cup our hands around hot mugs of coffee. Despite the fact that Stella warned me she hates having her photo taken, we had a great time and she was a brilliant model!

Stella is a yoga teacher and a health coach. You can find out more about her and the work she does here.