On My Needles Right Now

If you used to read my old blog, you'll know that I'm an avid crafter. I love to make things, whether it's knitting, sewing, quilting, embroidering, crocheting or weaving. I tend to go through phases, spending months on one craft and then swapping to another. I have found  that since becoming a parent to two, knitting has been my go to craft. It's way more portable than sewing and easy to pick up and knit a row or two if I find myself with five free minutes. 

That said, I can still go for months without working on anything. Last year I made this sweet little cardigan for Clementine, but since then I haven't had anything on my needles. I hate when I hear myself make the excuse that I don't have the time; I truly believe that we make the time for what's important to us. I know that we can't do everything, but if crafting is a priority to me, then I will find the time. So I recently decided to finish the weave I started about a year ago, and even though it's a bit wonky, I love how it turned out. Then I bought some lovely lilac coloured yarn to make a new hat for Hazel. The nice thing about knitting hats for little ones is that they go quick! I'm already trying to line up my next project, and I'm thinking a sweater for Hazel (this one perhaps). Time for some yarn shopping...

p.s. If you're on Ravelry, you can find me here