My Girls

As some of you may know, I used to have a personal blog called This Little Port. I stopped writing there at the end of 2014 for several reasons, but ever since then there has been a part of me that really misses blogging. So after much thought, I've decided to incorporate the odd personal post into this here blog. I'm not quite sure how often these kinds of posts will pop up, maybe once a fortnight or so? We'll see...

Today I thought I'd write a bit about my girls, who have changed so much since I stopped blogging (well Hazel wasn't even born so there's that...). Clementine turned 3 last month and Hazel is 7 months old. Back when I was pregnant, I was worried that Clementine wouldn't like the baby, that she would be jealous and uninterested in having a sibling. Boy was I ever wrong! From the moment she came to the hospital to meet her not-yet-named little sister, she was in love. She held the baby and cooed, "Look a baby, a baby! She's laughing at me!" Today she says, "I love you Hazel, you're the best sister in the... in the Ever!" 

I'm sure things will get trickier as Hazel gets older and big enough to actually annoy her sister and steal her toys etc. But for now, they adore each other, entertain each other and are just the cutest pair. 

Individually, each of them is adorable and charming and hilarious and frustrating and all of those other parenting clichés! Now that she's 3, Clementine attends a sweet Steiner preschool 2 days a week. She's a super social kid and absolutely loves her days there. She's still incredibly active and agile, needing so much outdoor time to run around and burn energy. My husband has just started to take her rock climbing, and she loves it. 

As for Hazel, she is the sweetest, happiest little baby. She's not a sleeper but she's so damn cute that come morning (sometime between 5 and 6 am) when I hear her laughing at me, I forgive her for all the night wakings. People are constantly telling us that she's the smiliest baby ever, and it's true. She loves to engage with people, flash them her big, gummy grin and kick her legs in excitement. She's also agile and active, just like her big sister. She started sitting and crawling just before 6 months and she is fast. I have to watch her like a hawk. She's pulling up to stand and ignoring my protests to please just slow. Down. Already. 

I could say that about both girls really. They're growing and changing daily, and while it's awesome to witness there's also that feeling of wanting to press pause. I'm sure all you other parents can relate. So that's where we're at these days. I post regularly over on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there for more updates.