family photography

vancouver family photographer: mother + daughter

While we were in Vancouver, a friend of mine asked if I could take photos of her and her mom. So one very, very, cold morning, we met up at Jericho Beach (my favourite Vancouver beach) and did a quick session. I've known Andrea and her mom for a long time, and they're as close as a mother and daughter can be. They even (without planning it) wore pretty much the same outfit; we had a good laugh over that one. 

sydney family photographer: phoenix

Last month I was lucky enough to photograph this sweet family early on a Sunday morning. We walked down a path to the river, where Phoenix practiced his walking and I snapped away. As always, many of my favourite shots are the candid ones. I just love how fun and expressive one-year-olds are. 

sydney family photographer: thomas

This was my first time shooting a newborn who was past that sleepy stage, a whole 7 weeks past that stage to be exact! Baby Thomas was wonderful though, he was awake and happy to be in his parents' arms for most of our session, and then fell soundly asleep on his dad's chest as we walked back to their family home. Just goes to show that you can get family photos taken at any stage; there is always a way to make it work :)

sydney newborn photographer: heron

Not long after our maternity shoot, Lorraine gave birth to her gorgeous little girl, Heron. I visited the new family of four about 10 days after, and got to photograph Heron in all her newborn glory. I could not believe it when the very first photo I snapped happened to capture a sleepy newborn smile! What are the odds? 

sydney newborn photographer: daniel

A few weeks after shooting Katia's maternity photos, I got to meet and photograph her lovely newborn son, Daniel. When I arrived he was lying in his crib, expertly swaddled and fast asleep. I couldn't get over his squishy newborn cheeks and button nose. And the swaddle, well that brings back so many memories… I'm telling you, doing newborn sessions is dangerous!

sydney maternity photographer: stace

Have I mentioned that I love shooting bellies? That's probably become obvious by now, but I really, really do! I met Stace when she was pregnant with her first baby, and now she's about to have baby #2. They're the sweetest family, and the little one was so patient having a camera in his face for two hours. In fact, all three of them were awesome models. I can't wait to meet this bub; I have a feeling she's a girl, but only time will tell… 

p.s. Stace has an awesome blog called A Healthy Mum, where she shares wonderful whole foods recipes. You can find her on Facebook here

sydney maternity photographer: lorraine

It's been raining here in Sydney for the last two weeks. I'm not complaining because I actually enjoy the rain, but it has made organising photo shoots tough. This one kept getting put off because of the bad weather, but with Lorraine's due date fast approaching, we decided to go ahead despite the forecast. As the rain fell, we started out inside, cosy and warm in the family living room. The moment it stopped raining, we walked down to the river, umbrellas in hand. The light was beautiful, and it all worked out perfectly. Baby hasn't arrived yet, but I'll be doing a newborn shoot with him/her when he/she does. And now we wait...    

Sydney newborn photographer: Hannah

A week after taking Helen's maternity photos, little Hannah entered the world early on a Sunday morning. I went to visit the new family of four when she was just five days old. A tiny little thing (weighing under 3 kg!) with the sweetest cheeks and pouty lips, she made the perfect model. I could have photographed her all day. It was almost enough to make me clucky, almost...