Knitting for my girls

Seeing as it's winter here in Sydney (and it's actually been cold lately!), I've got knitting on the brain. I mostly knit for my girls because crafting for kids is so very forgiving. They look cute in everything, and if something ends up too big, I figure, "great, they'll grow into it." And if something ends up too small, I figure "great, Hazel can wear it."

Of course, the problem with knitting for littles ones is that they tend to have their own opinions about what they like... I made Clementine this cardigan because she loves the colour pink, and yet, it's not her favourite. I did manage to convince her to wear it so I could get these photos though. It's the Little Buds cardigan made with cap sleeves, and sweet strawberry buttons. More notes on my Ravelry.

I also recently made a Clover Earflap hat for Hazel, but keeping a hat on her head these days isn't easy, so alas, I don't have a photo to show for it yet. And even though that's the case, I decided to make her another hat because toddlers in toques, need I say more? I chose the popcorn bonnet by Misha & Puff, knit in my favourite colour ever, mustard. I picked up this Brooklyn Tweed yarn at my new favourite knitting store, Skein Sisters. If you happen to be a Sydney local and a knitter, you must visit! It's a gorgeous shop. I'm hoping to finish it quickly because we leave for Canada in a month (and it's summer there), so if you need me, I'll be bingeing Jane the Virgin and knitting, knitting, knitting...