Our Easter

My mom arrived from Vancouver on Thursday morning, just in time for a four-day Easter long weekend. It was perfect. After weeks of rain, we're finally being treated to some glorious autumn weather. Bright, sunny days warm enough to wear dresses and sandals, and early, crisp nights, cool enough for an extra layer on the bed.

Over the weekend we dyed Easter eggs (after much trouble trying to find a North American style kit, ha ha), watched my girls and their cousins hunt for coloured eggs in their grandparents' yard, devoured our weight in chocolate and had a delicious Easter dinner cooked for us by my husband. We also squeezed in a sunset visit to the beach and I got to second shoot a wedding yesterday at Vaucluse House. Now I'm working my way through thousands of images while an apple cake bakes in the oven, grateful that my mom is here to lend a helping hand (and keep us well fed!). It's been a good April so far.