Hazel's 1st Birthday

On Monday, our baby girl turned one. Everyone told me that the first year with a second child would go by quick, and everyone was right! I'm still in shock that Hazel is officially a toddler now.

At one year old Hazel can walk, but still prefers to mostly crawl. She claps, waves, knows a few baby sign language words, and gives hilarious kisses. Her favourite toy is a little teddy sleep blanket that she carries with her everywhere (and she sleeps with it too). At the playground she loves going down the slide, and also foraging for food from other families. She is a great eater! She still doesn't sleep through the night but I'm pretty used to that by now. She holds up anything that remotely looks like a phone to her ear and pretends to talk. Her favourite song is La Bicicleta by Shakira and Carlos Vives. She loves to dance and will start shimmying her shoulders as soon as she hears any music at all. She's rocking a serious baby mullet. She's a tornado of destruction, constantly ripping things down off shelves and out of drawers. She's just the happiest, smiliest little one and we all love her so!

We carried on our traditions of a birthday table, a made-by-me birthday crown, present opening in the morning (I got her a custom doll from Moose and Bird), and cake at night.  Here are a few photos from our day...